The Rise Of Guest Communication Platforms

The hostel industry is far from being known as fast adapters to new technologies, however one thing is true – those hostels that are have a substantial advantage over those who aren’t. There has been much attention to not only using techonolgy to attract guests, but now the attention is even including communicating with the guest, while they are staying at your property. In this post we give our take on this new trend.

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Example of Guests Using Comundu in Budapest

What comes into your head when you think of Wednesdays and Thursdays?
– Just another day at work *sigh*
– Champions League football on the television
– The Norse Gods Odin and Thor (shout out to mythology geeks out there)

How about partying and meeting lots of cool new people? Eh, not so much, but as anyone who’s stayed in a hostel knows, every night can be party night. Earlier this year, two girls…

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Founder, Mia Grosen: From Traveller to Entrepreneur

“You have to be passionate about what you create in your company” It’s a doctrine that comes up time and again when talking about entrepreneurship. I started the company Comundu based on my great passion for traveling – but is it always a good idea to turn your passion into a business? In this post, I’ll explore the experiences I’ve had in the last two years as a passionate entrepreneur.

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